Obedience to Nature’s Law


Obedience to Nature’s Law – The Only Prevention and The Only Cure!

All the diseases which mankind suffers now, is the result of faulty lifestyle. We are not punished for our sins, but by them. The decisions which we make based solely on emotions results in wrong lifestyle choices; wrong food choices and preferences, lack of rest, exercise etc., which manifests itself into disease-s in later part of our lives. In short ‘DIS-Eases’ are in reality symptoms of a single real ‘DIS-Order ‘– The Wrong Life style.

Naturopathy terms this tangible phenomenon, “THE UNITY OF DISEASE AND UNITY OF CURE.” Our body always possesses the natural and inherent capacity to maintain an optimum health. All we have to do is to support it. But unfortunately, we have lost the ability to listen to our body,
being lost in transitory comforts of modern lifestyle.

Each and every cell in our body has its own natural intelligence- “THE CELLULAR INTELLIGENCE” that can keep any hazardous elements at bay and overcome any temporary disability caused by any internal and external circumstances.

The best elements that can communicate with our living cells, are those, of which, it basically is made-up of; the five elements of nature- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These elements always support our innate nature’s healing mechanisms, having smart repairing and curative
functions, without any side effects unlike chemically formulated drugs. Naturopathy makes use of these rational elements in the purest form to assist body in the healing process.

Vitality- the healing force or the ‘ self -curative ‘ force, is the collective term used by Naturopaths for the basic life forces- the blood, respiration, hormones, nerves, immunity – When we provide an opportunity and the basic materials to the body, healing happens from within the body itself, where, Vitality immediately carries out its plan of reconstruction and health follows as a natural corollary.

The reality is, it is the nature that heals and cures. The role of physician is to only give intelligent assistance to interpret nature’s law for the patient. All that the physician has to do is to remove obstacles and to establish normal conditions with in and around the patient, so that “the healer within” can do the work to its best advantage.