Integrated Yoga Sessions

yoga classes

Juggling between work and life, struggling for time with a few close ones, a thousand errands to run, and no time for Yourself. Here’s your chance to schedule one hour for your well-being – physical, mental and emotional – embrace Yoga. And more likely than not, your life will start sorting itself too.

With a perfect combination of fun and professionalism, we will take you towards absorbing Yoga as a way of life. Soon enough, you will be on your path to discovering the deeper you.

Every session we offer is unique! We design our classes based on the initial complementary consultation –that takes into account the state of mind, emotions, physical body, lifestyle and goals. Through exquisite integration of healthy diet and lifestyle corrections, breath, movement, strength, balance, relaxation and meditation, we create yoga classes, which help to bring the whole person into alignment and guide on a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

We offer:

  • Vihaara conducts 4 regular Yoga classes from Monday to Friday. All batches START FROM 1ST OF EVERY MONTH.

    • 6am- 7 am
    • 7 am – 8 am
    • 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
  • These on-site services are the need of the hour, considering the tight schedules of busy executives, working women, as also for the unwell and the elderly people who find it difficult to travel all the way to our center.

  • The goal of Y4C, targeted at educational institutes is to create peaceful, learning-ready, productive classroom environment through the systematic use of preventive mind-body tools grounded in yoga and meditation. Y4C provides schools with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, sustainable solution to improve students’ focus and readiness to learn, enhance concentration thus effectively transforming the school culture in a positive way.

  • Yoga @ workplace workshop will explore the key elements of increasing the productivity and to help reduce the individual’s stress, increase on job efficiency and out of the box thinking, positive lifestyle changes and better sleep patterns.

  • A rejuvenating program that induces deep relaxation through a series of gentle supported poses, relaxation, concentration and meditation techniques. (Only on prior appointment)

  • Couple poses are not only fun but also a great way to connect with your partner. These sessions are designed to support women or couples who are trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive technology. (Only on prior appointment)

  • This class is designed for women through pregnancy and post-partum to enhance the body’s ability to sail comfortably through various phases of pregnancy and to recuperate from childbirth both physically and emotionally. (Only on prior appointment)

  • Aqua Yoga offers the benefits of stretch, relaxation and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance. The feeling of weightlessness in water takes the stress out of challenged joints and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort.

  • Private or semi-private classes are available to enhance your yoga practice with attention to your specific needs. Special emphasis on disease care is offered after consultation with the Doctor. (Only on prior appointment)

  • In this workshop children participate in Yoga based games, practice breathing exercises, formal yoga poses ,positive thinking and experiencing visualization for relaxing in order to become familiar with this ancient form of wellness in a fun and non-competitive environment.