Holistic Consultation


Create a happier and healthier new you with our holistic health consultation.

We create your Plan of Care together, so that you are fully engaged and in charge of your own path to wellness. This 1-hour consultation includes clinical treatment plans, lifestyle recommendations and education to empower you to achieve long-term health and wellness!

Below is a list of the programs and services we offer. We understand that everyone is unique and a combination of programs may be customized for you to achieve optimal results.

Our Holistic Health Consultations are designed to empower and support the process of understanding your health condition and to create an effective healing plan accordingly.

What’s included

  • Case History review and assessment of the various medical tests and blood reports
  • Vital Signs Assessment and Check-up (Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Blood sugar, Respiration Rate)
  • Recognize and understand the links between physical ailments and diet, lifestyle, environment and emotions
  • Integrate healthy diet and lifestyle habits into your daily routine, according to your specific needs
  • Resources for additional testing if needed.
  • Your specific Health & Healing Plan
  • Our Personal Commitment to your Health and Success
  • E-mail and telephonic support between sessions as needed
Nutrition consultations are relaxed and motivational, utilizing a holistic approach to incorporate healthy eating patterns into your lifestyle. Consultations include personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to empower you to set reachable goals. We teach you how to make educated choices about food, putting YOU in charge of your health and Well-being.

What’s included

  • Nutrition/Lifestyle Assessment
  • Food/Exercise/Yoga Journal
  • Recipes & Menu Plans
  • Help understand and reduce cravings
  • Guidance to help you meet nutrient needs and wellness goals, in appealing ways that are suited to your lifestyle.
  • Personalized Tips & Strategies
  • Our Personal Commitment to your Health and Success
  • E-mail and telephonic support between sessions as needed


  1. Scientific and practical Weight Loss Solutions
  2. Arrest your Stress- Relax, Replenish, Revive-A Complete Solution to De-stress
  3. Diabetes, It’s only a word not a sentence-Care and Cure at the right time
  4. Reversal of Heart Disease and Rehabilitative Care
  5. Breathe Easy – Free Yourself from Allergy and Breathing Discomforts
  6. Sensible Solutions for people with Fertility problems
  7. Sleep Eight, Feel Great- A Complete Solution for Sleep Disorders
  8. Enhance Mobility-Complete Solution for pain and joint problems