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“VIHAARA “ in sanskrit means Healthy Lifestyle. 

Vihaara is an innovative, holistic healthcare and Lifestyle Clinic, delivering evidence-based lifestyle-transformational health experiences through workplace, school and residential programs in Cochin. Vihaara offers ways to create a healthier life, viable alternatives and complimentary treatment choices which are safe, effective ,suitable and also can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments and easy to incorporate into your lives. 

At VIHAARA, we don't just stick a band-aid on your problem, we take the time to listen and uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Our goal is to help you feel better about your life –  “TO WORK TOGETHER”- to make it healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling. Whether you are struggling with any disease, weight loss, fatigue or want to focus on prevention and wellness, we are committed to help you access your own profound capacity for renewal, healing and lasting well being. 


Holistic Consultation

Create a happier and healthier new you with our holistic health consultation. We create your Plan of Care ...
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Integrated Yoga Sessions

Juggling between work and life, struggling for time with a few close ones, a thousand errands to run, ...
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Acupuncture – Pain Clinic

Needle your way to better health with Acupuncture. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a medical ...
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Acupuncture After a car accident in 2003, I have had chronic neck and back pain. When I started with Dr.Anand , I anticipated that I might get some relieve but was completely surprised that after my 5th treatment my neck that had hurt for more than 15 years actually felt better. With each treatment there after I continued to feel better. I am a firm believer that if I had not found Dr.Anand, my continuous pain would still be here today.-- Isha Nair

We had a most interesting session on managing health, stress and lifestyle within the confines of our daily work environment. Dr. Anand pointed out simple yet effective methods to tweak the pitfalls in our food, health and lifestyle habits. Simple hacks to help improve diet and keep us active at work. Ways to take a breather and de-stress within the ever demanding pace of our industry. His session was crisp, to the point and left us with many simple tips to incorporate into our are daily routine! --- Team Ergo

If you're ready for a new approach that actually works for your health, go see them! This is a great place to get your healthy life together. They teach how to live not just diet. It was nice to get some real answers on my health concerns and not just more drugs. This place is well worth the money because you are equipped with knowledge for the rest of your life. There program actually works and it stays in your head so you are always aware of your choices about your health. ----- Anoop Nair,Neilsoft

After years of strong fertility medications and imbalanced hormones, I decided to find a naturopath to get things balanced. I was lucky enough that my search ended with Dr. Anand.” –Shilpa Agarwal, Abu dhabi

Meeting Dr.Anand and following his holistic healing plan changed my life. I heard him speak at one of the health workshops and I immediately made an appointment. I didn’t think I was ready for change, (after many attempts) but after meeting with him for a very thorough consultation and seeing how easy the changes would be, I embraced it. Soon after I felt much better, had more energy, and I am happy to say with eating fresh and wholesome foods, I’ve had no cravings. This is a positive health change I can maintain!”  ---- Neethu George, Tata Communications  

“You have been a significant help, catching what many doctors missed.I felt cared for and relieved as we left your Clinic. I appreciate your responsiveness, as well as your willingness to question prior lab results and think outside the box. In the future, you will be my first stop, not my last”. – Geetha Subramanian, Canada

Dr. Anand is an amazing teacher, He is calm and gentle and has a holistic approach but most of all, he is unique in his approach.” ------- Santhosh ,Neilsoft

As far as personalized customer service, I could not be more pleased. Dr.Anand, is very responsive to my questions and concerns, and he shows genuine concern for the issues that I have faced. I strongly recommend VIHAARA Wellness Clinic to anyone who is not feeling well and is tired of allopathic approaches to health care.”- Vishal P, Mumbai

The nutrition and lifestyle program has been very helpful in making me aware and accountable for eating healthy foods and exercising daily. I highly recommend this program.” – Rafeeq, IMG

“Dr. Anand has shown me the “lighter” side of living well. His wise supportive guidance continues to give me the tools to make my sixties more energetic, happier and healthier time of life.” - Simon Andrews, Singapore

Dr. Anand is a dynamic and interesting speaker; I like that he walks his talk, is sincere about spreading the knowledge of how to have balanced health, and he speaks like he knows what he’s talking about.”- Meenakshi,Pune

Dr. Anand’s educational and entertaining seminars provide that ultimate inspiration to change old habits, attain life goals and gain optimum health and wellbeing. I am very glad that I had an opportunity to gain an excellent amount of knowledge from you. Very very valuable to me. A great turning point in my life.” Avinash Nair, Cochin

I have been a yoga student for the last few years under different masters.But finally I found out a real yoga teacher of my perspective. Though the concept of yoga is spiritual, I was in need of something scientific and I got it cent percent at vihaara. Dr Anand has designed the classes in such a way that you will be blessed with a beautiful flexible powerful body and a stress free calm and relieved mind after few months. What I found most interesting is that student will be longing for his next class because of its special ambience and his sincere approach towards the yoga techniques. Special attention is being given to co.ordination techniques, which improves the memory and awareness.
I wish him all success in his sincere endeavors in teaching yoga techniques his own way” –Ramachandran Bhaskaran, HOCL

“Dr. Anand's yoga instructions are clear and calm. He lives in the real world and teaches his class with same perspective and also attentive to personal needs and difficulties, and has alternatives to suit such needs. Dr.Anand describes and demonstrates every movement thoroughly, making it easy to follow and encouraging.Yoga has become so much more an enriching experience for me rather than a physical struggle. I am very grateful to be a part of his sessions”. –Shilpa Rajan, Cognizant

“On this very special day I am writing down this to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Anand Sir and Dr. Namitha mam. I happened to know about sir's yoga classes during a very tough period of Physical and mental crisis in my life. Actually I was very much doubtful whether I would be able to do the Asanas. But sir's way of tackling his students to make their body flexible was just amazing. Sir instilled in me confidence and will power to overcome all the obstacles on the way. Sir is capable of transmitting positive energy to all his students. Sir & mam, words here fail to express my mental and physical rejuvenation I got from your yoga classes. Warm wishes and Pranams to you on this Yoga day.”- Hari Govind,Thripunithura

Vihaara is a very nice place with special atmosphere to learn asana, pranayama, meditation in your own individual style from the heart with awareness. Dr Anand is a great yoga teacher, wonderfully unique combination of scientist, artist and spiritual guide. I am very happy I joined the course.”-Irina Antanova,Russia

Dr Anand’s classes are refreshing, invigorating and gives a new begining to each day.He has a keen sense of understanding of the human body.He focuses on all his students with equal zest and attention. keep up the good work”.- Beena Mathew ,Rajagiri



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