Can’t live without your daily up of tea? Well, you are not alone. For many of us, how good or bad our day goes is often linked with how we start it and a cup of tea is perhaps the most popular way to kick start your day. Not only this, ‘chai’ is our favorite companion when it comes to pulling through long, exhausting days at work. While there’s no harm in sipping a cup or two of tea to keep yourself alert on a dull day and rejuvenate your senses, excessive tea consumption may have certain side effects that you may not have thought too much about until now.

5 side effects of tea you must keep in mind before going for that third cup of tea for the day:

Too many cups of tea a day can leave you dehydrated. Excess tea consumption means excess consumption of caffeine. This can reduce the absorption abilities of your tubules, which can leave you dehydrated.

Feeling bloated lately? May be you having drinking too much tea. Excess consumption of tea may cause dehydration which calls for unwanted water retention and thus, you may feel bloated.

3. May Cause Vital Nutrient Deficiencies
Excess consumption of tea may hinder absorption of essential nutrients like iron by the body.

4. Can Get You Addicted
One of the worst side effects of consuming excess tea is that you can easily get addicted to it. The caffeine in tea makes it addictive. When regular tea drinkers don’t get their daily cup at the same time, it can leave them weary, lethargic, and irritable and bring down their energy levels.Some people may even experience headaches and fatigue until they get their daily quota of three to four cups of tea.

5.Anxiety and Restlessness
Tea does help in boosting your energy levels and perking you up but excessive caffeine intake can take a toll on your mental health and make you feel more anxious, restless and even sleep deprived.

Anything when consumed in excess will have its repercussions. If consumed in moderation, freshly brewed tea does offer some health benefits but you must bear in mind the side effects of tea.