Castles in The Air

castles in the air

Day dreaming? Don’t wish to be caught napping? If the answer is yes, I beg to differ. Yes daydreaming or more scientifically visualization is a great stress reliever and I strongly recommend it as a creative way to beat the blues.

What is visualization and what can it do for you?

Visualization is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in life. It is based on the principle that the mind and the body are intimately connected.

Visualization is an effective technique that can be used for treating many stress related and physical illnesses, headaches, muscle spasms, chronic pain and many times even general and situational specific anxiety.

Consciously visualizing may take some time to learn. You may even experience that the images are discouraging and non- corporative. This means that your images will be flickering on and off, moving around or disappearing all together. A lot of time they may even be interrupted by another image. All you need is some practice. With continued practice, you can master it

How to visualize?

Loosen your clothes, then lie down in a quite place and close your eyes.
Try to relax any tense muscles in your body. Drop your complete self on the bed or where ever you are lying down.
Try to involve all your senses. Imagine you are in a very beautiful garden, smell the flowers, hear the chirping of the birds. In a distance somewhere is a spring, walk towards it and feel the cold water.
Use positive self-talk. Avoid using negative statements.
Practice this technique at least twice a day and soon you will begin to feel the difference.


Visualization is best done lying down, though it can be done sitting down on the chair too.
Be realistic while setting your goals, which means that you must set an easy target for yourself to start with.
Create your own affirmations and choose a language that you are comfortable with.
Open your eyes slowly, after doing the entire exercise. Don’t just get up and get moving. Give yourself at least 5 minutes before you do stand up.