Fight Fat with Fun

I Did It!

Everyone wants to loose 10 kgs weight in a week. By the way of nature, it is impossible. I wish I had a magic wand where I could change people’s fitness levels and looks. I would have been the richest man in the world.

Having treated many people in past 10 years, I still spend all the time educating people that loosing weight is just a part. I have seen people go into depression, if they gain one or two kgs of weight. When you loose or gain weight you do not carry the weighing scale with you showing everyone how much you weigh. You carry yourself the self-confidence, and it has nothing to do with your volume or mass.

Understand the importance of goodness of health and consistency of physical activity. Once a physical activity is packaged and implemented, loosing weight will be a very easy thing.

Many people take exercise session as a burden or lot of hard work, because either they have heard this from their friends or have stopped an exercise session that was boring.

“Exercise session should have element of fun to be successful”
Tips for committed exercise program:

  •  Choose activities that excite you.
  • Continue that activity for at least 3 weeks
  • Invite your close friend or spouse to join you.
  • Get involved in fun based group classes and activities.
  • After 3 weeks change your time and type of workout.
  • Wear clothes, that make you feel good about yourself while doing the activity
  • Get involved in variety of exercise classes like yoga, pilates, dancing, zumba, laughing classes etc.
  • Ask one question to yourself, is this activity for me? how should I make it more interesting?
  • Add fun to your activity and then observe physical activity will be an integral part of your daily lifestyle!!